HD Voice Technology, A first-of-its-kind Launched in Morocco

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The telecommunications operator INWI has announced the official launching of HD voice technology which is a first-of-its-kind in Morocco,HD VOICE which has significantly improved speech quality smartphone.

INWI’s CEO expressed its excitement on the launching of the service which could contribute to a real progress in the quality of communications.

HD Voice will be operational on 3G as well as 2G and Inwi network across the country from March 24.

HD Voice improves the sound quality during a call giving a clearer communication whereas the background noises are significantly reduced. Adding to that, the user can speak normally in all circumstances, without having to raise his voice, and, even in a noisy environment.

“Morocco is the first country in the region, for 3G, and one of the first in the world for 2G, to take advantage of HD voice. This is a technology that will provide ease of use very valuable to our customers, “said INWI

The launch comes less than a week after the deployment of 3G + for users of smartphones with HSPA UMTS / HSDPA / + mode for the cities of Rabat, Casablanca and regions initially announces Inwi.

INWI assures that the deployment of this technology to the rest of Morocco regions will be in 2014.

Mohamed Dekkak