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With above 5,000 exhibitors, Gulfood 2016 welcomes the largest European gulfood market and will witness the largest South American participation. This big occurrence will present 114 country pavilions on 21-25 February at Dubai World Trade Center.

Gulfood is one of the best trade occasion in the international gulfood food & hospitality industry agenda and prominent souk for above 90,000 business experts who return to the exhibit year after year.

Gulfood constantly has rather latest to discover, with patrons urging demand for more selection and value, the F&B sector needs to convey more preference and opportunities than before. Giving trustworthy sourcing in this international souk, reliable suppliers; the buyers can guarantee the best price, quality, and service as well. This is a trusted associate in F&B and hospitality business.

Gulfood is the place that will exhibit the newest saviors, drifts, inventions, and modernizations. The global food business meets to trade at Gulfood, to establish a benchmark rate, eminence, service, consistency, and dependability. This gives a lot of worth to all dealers and patrons and facilitates is proffering channels to meet different encounters.

The escalation of Gulfood is down to a number of important issues as well as global status as an import and re-export hub in Dubai, the emirate’s increasing sea-air transportation links widening its geographic trading footprint and the tactical significance put on the national and local tourism and hospitality sectors.

Food security issues and the improvement in food making and processing in the UAE, the wider region and rising nations for which Dubai is a sourcing center nowadays and will fathom why Gulfood is globally distinguished as the tactical trading manifesto for the international food market.

Gulfood happens of age for innovative 21st getaway

Mohamed Dekkak with Mr nikiforov Vyacheslav, Aisha Bouaouda

Continuing its progressed status as a weathervane to hospitality and food sector patterns, Gulfood 2016 features a raft of new exhibitors, extended involvement by returnees and a prosperity of new-to-market stuff.

The importance of Gulfood as a global trading platform is established by the 117 national and food export business organizations attending this year’s occasion. These frameworks include first-time representation from Costa Rica, New Zealand, Belarus, Russia and Mauritius returning after a six-year break.

Gulfood 2016 will underline solutions with corporation heads, decision-makers, and other stakeholders. These efforts are part of the responsibility to mandate the regional, international and conglomerate F&B firms of the huge investment prospects they have, and which embody a significant addition to the determined enlargement proposals trailed by these companies.

UAE is first on the Arab Islamic Economy Indicator and second internationally with robust records in halal food, Islamic finance, and other sectors. This distinguishes the high demand and growth in the halal products industry and in response to this we offer products, services, and incentives that cater to the development and institution of this business. The industry is considered one of the vital drivers on making Dubai the capital and hub of the Islamic economy. It is an effort clearly lined up to Gulfood’s competence to unearth more market outlines and help propel further trade forward.

With the number of F&B stores in the UAE estimated to amplify by 2020 as soon as Dubai hopes to welcome 20 million travelers as the emirate hosts Expo Dubai 2020– food service and hospitality stuff are a prolonged spotlight at Gulfood 2016. Each year, innumerable F&B services and products debut at Gulfood.

Gulfood 2016 is anticipated to also draw a record trade attendance of more than 85,000 guests from around 170 nations as well as the international heads of state, ministers, government officials and national business associations from 5 continents.

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