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It has seen that the hotels and accommodations in Tangier are tremendously attracting moreGuest Houses in Tangier is getting more trendy foreign visitors based from 2012 to 2013 records. The result shows that it has increase to 42% in 2013 in terms of night accommodations alone.

According to the results, it has been found that the decorative appearance and the traditional cuisine are the main factors why the foreign guests are coming to the hotels. Added to this, they are getting more satisfied with the kind of service that these hotels are giving to them, even the warm and family-friendly treatment that hotel staff posters.

Tangier has generated more than twenty guest houses already with almost four hundred bed capacities. They have noted that the peak season is during April to August which they accumulated 35% increase in 2013 compare to 19% in 2012.
It was in the year 2000, when Tangier started to establish guest houses for the foreign visitors, a little later than compared to Fez and Marrakech. Most of the first guest houses were the old house of the former leaders. They renovated it and turned it into an accommodation site.

This trend has pushed the real estate investors to build more houses in Tangier. They have tourist residences in the Palace of the Caliph and Spa, which also recently raked as guesthouse Tier by the Committee of classification. Most of the guesthouses were built outside Old Medina particularly in Ghandouri tourist area.

With its commendable unique constructions and admirable service, these guesthouses has been continuously receiving praises and admiration from some of the known artists, major Moroccan and other national personalities, architectures and even Princes.