Guelmim prepares for dynamic tourism development

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Guelmim region offers a number of tourist attractions like the coasts, hydrotherapy, the caves, ecotourism, Sahara, cultural, discovery and adventure.

Guelmim prepares for dynamic tourism development

Guelmim prepares for dynamic tourism development

The area aims to be part of a dynamic tourism development and become known as a new international beach destination, with its significant size, which features a exceptional blend of sea and desert.

With the regional program agreement for the tourism sector currently in effect, Guelmim will structure its tourism through putting in an extra bed capacity of 27,000 in 2020, and by way of investment in key-value seaside resorts, the enrichment of the niche products and activities such as sports, wellness and adventure in the desert, and the growth of its cultural resources. The objective is to accommodate almost 1.2 million tourists in 2020.

This program involves for the completion of 57 projects ensuring the development of the tourist attraction in the region, for a total investment of DH 24 billion. This consensual program comprises three structural components focusing on dynamism, sports, sustainable development, local heritage and high value-added local products.

Due to  its sundry tourist attractions, numerous oases, including thos in  Foum El Assa and Hisn, its wadis like the Wadi Chbika, and Draa and hot springs, the set of this site will be planned around the theme of pure seaside, positioning by a unique combination of the world of sea, desert and more.

The region also facing the growth of investors concerned in adventure and discovery and the prospect of accomplishing resorts particularly on the northern part of its shoreline.

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