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Renewable energies dwells in a progressively more significant responsibility in the Moroccan energy mix.

Green Goal Plans In Morocco

Green Goal Plans In Morocco

Remarkably since the Kingdom has a mostly rich aptitude relative to other nations. Acknowledging this prospect, Morocco is moving more and more towards the best use of this rich energy potential to lessen reliance and guarantee its immovability.

Similar to the global trend, which face rising energy demand and the challenge of global warming, up renewable energy and particularly solar energy a priority. In 2009, the Kingdom has implemented the “Moroccan project of solar energy,” with an estimated investment of $ 9 billion.

As a result of the development of solar potential, the project will give to dropping energy reliance, to conserving the environment by limiting emissions of greenhouse gases and to the fight against climate change.

In wind power, Morocco has great potential especially along its coasts with wind speeds above 6.5 m / s and up to 10m / s. The technical potential certainly exceeds 10,000 MW of installed capacity. However, this potential is limited primarily by the ability to integrate the electricity network at least in the medium term, or 2020. This limit can be offset by new investments to strengthen the electricity network but maintain the constraints of network stability especially in low load period are an unavoidable reality. Several countries have adopted a limit of 20% of the total installed capacity to fix in a first stage wind development an achievable goal.

The national water strategy has made to its adoption, a turning point in the water policy of Morocco in view of the significant changes it has made, particularly regarding the establishment of a water resources governance , laying the foundations of their planning and integrated management and the establishment of legal and financial mechanisms for their preservation. However, the application did not follow. As such, as part of its work on the green economy, the Economic, Social and Environmental (EESC) published a report entitled “Governance for integrated water resources management in Morocco: basic development lever sustainable “.

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