Global Entrepreneur Program Launched for Moroccan Business Owners

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International computer giant IBM and technologies launched “Global Entrepreneur Program”Global Entrepreneur Program Launched for Moroccan Business Owners in its innovation center in Casablanca. This program will allow entrepreneurs and innovative start-ups to nurture and develop new products and services.

Technology company expects to put up the Moroccan establishes with great potential for innovation to provide them with the tools and experts to help them innovate, transform and grow through the use of key technologies, according to a press release.

The objective is to deal with new market prospects and provide growth opportunities around the advancement of innovative technological solutions, the source added.

The reason of this initiative is to support national start-ups and young entrepreneurs to prevail over various obstructions they may encounter, giving them access to services and resources tailored to their specific needs.

IBM mentions as such workshops dedicated to start-ups with a broad and diverse ecosystem, including entrepreneurs, capitalists, managers IT (information technology) and potential clients to facilitate the escalating competence and commercial effort of these start-ups.

Entrepreneurs also benefit from mentoring, personal coaching in sales and marketing systems and procedures as well as free access to IBM software resources which requires companies to apply for late March to present their projects.

Mohamed Dekkak