A Glimpse on the upcoming Dubai Fireworks Display on New Year’s Eve

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Set to steal the title again, Dubai stage is ready for world’s largest and most spectacularA Glimpse on the upcoming Dubai Fireworks Display on New Year’s Eve fireworks display for New Year’s Eve.

Here are some glimpses of facts of the expected breathtaking event:

What: 60 seconds fireworks display of 200 pyro-technicians containing 400,000 shots of fireworks synchronized with music and will last for 6 minutes

Where: Dubai Atlantis Palm Hotel. The center of attraction will be in Palm Jumeirah Island and the World Islands benefitting the other 400 locations around the spot to closely watch the dazzling fireworks display.

Program highlights: Leading the countdown for the New Year, the show will start with a ‘Flying Falcon’ doing rounds of The World islands. Displays include first-of-its kind features such as a 225 meter wide and 130m high UAE flag, presented through fireworks and special effects that will decorate the city skyline. The flag is anticipated to become another world record attempt for the biggest pyrotechnic flag ever. The concluding salvo of fireworks that will spellbind up a ‘Sunrise’ scene, lighting up the skies for about ten kilometers will culminate with the city getting the hosting rights of World Expo 2020

The much-awaiting fireworks: Colorful, but concentrated on the green to make the show eco-friendly. According to organizers, the material used for the fireworks are biodegradable, with no use of lead and only minimum carbon. The emissions from the display are expected to be the least polluting.

Specs and other technical requisites: The fireworks exhibition will spread across 100 kilometers. More than 450,000 explosive shells, linked to a system of over a hundred computers, will be utilized to carry out the show. In another local record, seven 660 mm shells will be utilized to fire the main rounds of fireworks, per shot will spread to over 700 meters wide.

Targets: 60 seconds for 200 pyrotechnics in Dubai to break the world record for the largest fireworks, currently held by Kuwait since 2012 when it celebrated its 50th national day firing 77,282 shots of fireworks spread across five kilometers.

The preparation and planning of the designs and choreography of the show runs for more than nine months. The specially customized fireworks were transported from the United States.