GCC’s construction sector,  leading user of wood

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Wood and timber products maintain very important to the GCC construction sector, with 70% of all timber imported into the region used in the business, report revealed.

GCC's construction sector,  leading user of wood

GCC’s construction sector,  leading user of wood

Information said that the remaining 30% is utilized by furniture factories and carpenters. The statement also distinguished Dubai as a main trading centre that provides the GCC, Iran and East Africa.

On the other hand, the topic of wood utilization is approximated to be a significant issue at Dubai WoodShow 2015, which will happen on 14-16 April 2015. It was also revealed that UAE is greatly competitive in construction activity with demand outpacing production. Consequently, there is a greater importance on trade. Statistics stated that wood imports in the UAE have arrived at $629m.

It was also considered that the high expenditure rate of wood by the construction industry could be ascribed to softwood products. These would be naturally used in scaffolding and concrete forming functions.

Mohamed Dekkak