GCC Rail Project Will Generate 80,000 Jobs

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Approximately, 80,000 jobs will be needed to fill in within 5 years in the Gulf Cooperation (GCC)GCC Rail Project Will Generate 80,000 Jobscountries for the upcoming and current 36 railway projects.
Technicians and experts will be needed for maintaining and supervising the signaling systems and other railway staffs will be needed.
Saudi Arabia and the UAE will share major chunk of the GCC railway network. In the UAE, Etihad railway will cover 1200km, several railway stations and offices.
In the UAE, the Dubai Metro already employs nearly 300 employees while Etihad Railway is already recruiting staff through its official website.
Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s International Railway Academy provide state-of-the-art training platform to several thousand professionals and technical staff who will be joining an expanding rail network in the region.
According to some site information, The Railway Academy, planned along the Riyadh-Dammam railway network, is specially designed as a landmark building with two floors and each of the 14 classrooms will accommodate 15 students each. It has also plans to deliver virtual training programs.