GCC Market has Grand Future on Waste-to-Energy

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Expected to reach at 130 million tons of waste this 2014, a new study suggests that theCorporate and Commercial Photographer for Worldwide Assignments GCC’s must invest more in waste-to-energy (WTE) as it has “immense potential” in the region.

According to the study, a well-managed mechanism could help in reducing up to 90% of the waste going to landfill and WTE is only an emerging market in the GCC, with only 0.25-0.3 TWh of energy being produced from waste.

“The GCC countries’ policies, interests in looking towards renewable energy, and reducing dependence on fossil fuel, along with constant public pressure and urbanization, are driving the WTE market, which has witnessed 20-25% growth in the past three years,” one of the experts who conducted the study said.

The high waste generation per capita and the high population growth rate in the GCC region is stimulating the growth of WTE industry.

The study also estimates that WTE projects in the GCC will produce between 300 MW-500 MW of power by 2020, about 10 times larger than the current WTE production.

Currently, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have revealed multi-billion dollar investment plans towards improving waste management services which will obviously attract more WTE technology providers in the GCC.