Gas supplies discovered onshore in Morocco

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Fez: After months of drilling operations in Morocco, Circle Oil, a worldwide oil and gas exploration company, announced the discovery of substantial natural gas findings in the country’s along a coast region.

Gas supplies discovered onshore in Morocco

Gas supplies discovered onshore in Morocco

The prelude findings are the effect of the drilling of a well in Sebou Permit, situated along the seaboard of Morocco onshore near Kenitra. They started exploration near Sebou in the month of May and it was reported the detection of gas reserves at three dissimilar underground levels.

They are pleased to add further successful discovery to Sebou gas poject. This is the first well of a six well program to be drilled with our partner ONHYM in the Sebou permit and is coupled with another six well program in the Lalla Mimouna permit.

The well will be tracked down and examined to get ready the well for production in the upcoming according to a press release.

The aforementioned international company is one of the 34 corporations carrying out natural gas and oil exploration operations in Morocco. The finding of natural gas reserves onshore in Morocco recommends that the country could become an upcoming massive in the area of oil and gas exportation.

Mohamed Dekkak