Gas discovered in Morocco is an excellent quality

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An oil and gas exploring firm, Gulfsands Petroleum stated in a report that it encountered gas having reservoirs of excellent quality representing second consecutive successful gas exploration well on the Rharb permit, onshore Morocco.

Gas discovered in Morocco is an excellent quality

Gas discovered in Morocco is an excellent quality

The firm revealed in a report that drilling operations on the Dardara Southeast 1 well (DRC-1), situated within the Rharb Centre Permit in Northern Morocco have now been completed just about two days ahead of timetable.

The drilling operations concluded in notably lifted gas readings, which signify the existence of a gas bearing sandstone reservoir of excellent quality.

Additionally to meeting a possible extremely beneficial net gas bearing interval of 16 meters, the DRC-1 well result signifies significant additional gas exploration potential to be in a neighboring and up dip fault block and this will be aiming at in drilling during 2015.

The firm’s chief executive officer Mahdi Sajjad told that the outcomes of the drilling operations and petrophysical assessment are the best exploration success that the company has achieved in Morocco to date.

The outcomes have granted a stronger understanding of the local geology and the indication of further gas exploration potential to exist up dip in the Dardara South East construction is mainly agreeable and satisfying, the chief executed officer averred.

Mohamed Dekkak