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Migrants or expatriates in the United Arab Emirates can have a privilege to unlimitedFree Fund Transfers for Expats in UAE transfer funds transactions for free.
A new financial product to make the transferring of funds in abroad without any charges has launched in the country by a U.S based company.
Introduced by TransCash Corporation, the TransCash MasterCard Prepaid Money Sharing Cards will allow expatriate workers to send money to their families and friends in their home countries even without a bank account.
For a one- time payment of Dh45, a primary and supplementary card will be given to anyone who will sign-up. Both cards have a separate account but they are linked to facilitate money sharing. The primary cardholder keeps the green card and gives the red one to his or her family or money transfer beneficiary.
An account holder can have as much as 10 supplementary cards. All the cards are valid for paying the bills, shopping at over 35.6 million merchant locations, paying on the Internet and withdrawing cash worldwide at over 2.1 million ATMs.
A chief operating officer of a finance firm said that introducing prepaid cards that make it possible to wire funds abroad would be hugely useful for the unbanked consumers. “Since there are a lot of blue-collar employees who cannot open a bank account in the UAE, such a card will give them a proper solution for them to withdraw, deposit cash and transfer cash to their home countries,” he said.
The cards are available at TransCash-owned stores in three malls. There are three authorized stores so far, and more will be opening soon. By end of 2013, there will be around 15 authorized outlets.