Fox-themed park to be constructed in Dubai

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Al Ahli Holding Group, Dubai will build a Fox-branded theme park and resort in the city and set to commence by 2020.

Fox-themed park to be constructed in Dubai

Fox-themed park to be constructed in Dubai

The chief executive officer of Al Ahli, Mohamed Khammas disclosed that they want to propose somewhat broader bunch of tourism goods for the guests than what they presently have.

It was mentioned that the complex could match the $2.9bn-worth Dubai Parks and Resorts theme park, which is set to commence in 2016.

The 4 million sqf park will be based on Fox brands, which includes Predator, The Simpsons and Rio. Everyone will witness from Ice Age to Planet of the Apes and Aliens, which allows ages 18 and above.

The expansion will be financed partially through project financing from a consortium of banks. The complete value and the consortium of banks will be revealed this November 2015.

Conclusion of major construction work is scheduled in 2018. The chief Executive also mentioned that the park, which will include 200 hotel rooms and would kick off before Dubai Expo 2020.

Mohamed Dekakk

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