Forum Labo will be held in Morocco for the second time

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The “Forum Labo” pole will be held in Morocco from 15 to 18 October 2014 at the International Fair of Casablanca.

Forum Labo will be held in Morocco for the second time

Forum Labo will be held in Morocco for the second time

This event is held for the second time in Morocco and is held in conjunction with the sixth edition of Pollutec Morocco, international exhibition of equipment, technologies and services to the environment. A business opportunity for national and intermaghr├ębins laboratories have the opportunity to discover new trends and scientific and technological developments in the various sectors of the industry.

Holding this exhibition in Morocco is not accidental, but notes, according to organizers, the reference position that the Moroccan market is compared to its North African counterparts. The sector has seen a development supported with a level of performance and expertise recognized by the World Health Organization. Indeed, the conformity of production of the sector to international quality standards, including GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), allowed him to export between 8 and 10% of its production to European, Arab and African countries.

Note that the industry sector is composed of 35 pharmaceutical units, whose production complies with international quality standards, including GMP. These companies, which now cover 70% of domestic demand, consent, since 1998, massive investments valued at nearly 300 million dirhams a year for their development needs and upgrade.

The private pharmaceutical sector ranked second in Africa, with the production of a wide range of products obeying the international quality standards. The national drug market weighs nearly 12 billion dirhams, of which about 15% for the public sector. For its part, the research mobilizes about 13,000 faculty members to 1,250 publications per year.

Moroccan research is in sixth position in Africa.

Moroccan scientific communities are very open to international and developed models of cooperation dense, supported by exchange of appropriate tools and meet the aspirations and priorities of the Kingdom.

Mohamed Dekkak