Forum for Development in Africa will be held in Marrakech

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The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has decided to hold its 9th Marrakech Forum development in Africa. A biennial flagship event of this UN Commission. An appointment which provides a platform for multiple stakeholders to discuss and identify practical strategies for the development of Africa.

The central theme of the event, scheduled from October 12 to 16 next door on innovative financing for the transformation of Africa.

The organizers wish to highlight that this is the first time the Biennial Forum is hosted outside of Addis Ababa, a city which houses the headquarters of ECA. They see and Morocco, with all its strengths, is a key center for business development in Africa, making it an ideal host. In this sense, the CEA expressed its satisfaction to be able to organize the Forum in Marrakech. The Commission believes that Morocco is a strategic center for business development in Africa and where the Moroccan private sector has expanded its business throughout the South.

Forum for Development in Africa will be held in Marrakech

Forum for Development in Africa will be held in Marrakech

More than 700 delegates, including heads of government, policy makers, business leaders, experts and opinion leaders on the continent and around the world are expected for this African event.

On this occasion, Carlos Lopes, Executive Secretary of ECA, said about the 9th Development Forum in Africa that “the Forum seeks to improve the capacity of Africa to explore innovative financing mechanisms as real alternatives for financing development in Africa. The theme “Innovative Funding for transformation in Africa” ​​resulted from the recognition of the role of finance in the realization of the structural transformations based on actual African development initiatives and conducted under the leadership of Africa.”

The Forum is organized in collaboration with the Commission of the African Union, the African Development Bank and other key partners to establish a program for the development of her own that reflects consensus and leads to Africa Specific programs for its implementation. Despite the prospect of positive growth, Africa still faces an annual funding gap of $ 31 billion for one sector of the electric power, while some donor countries have not lived up their international commitments.

Moreover, the central theme of this year is the “Innovative Financing for the transformation of Africa.” It will be available in five subjects. This is the mobilization of domestic resources, illicit financial flows, private capital, new forms of partnerships and funding issues related to climate.

Mohamed Dekkak