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A project called Forsa Morocco was launched simultaneously in Egypt, Jordan Forsa Morocco: A Project To Support EntrepreneursLibya,Tunisia and Yemen to give socio-economic development techniques to entrepreneurs.
The program originally aims to enlighten, support and enhance the entrepreneurship in Morocco.
Developed by the Center for Youth Leadership and Adam Smith International organization, the project will be implemented through mentoring.
Under the program, 4 courses will be taken to know the capacity building and the practices of a good business such as win-win partnership that extends from the creation of the company until its maturity through its growth phase.
One of the head mentor said, “Mentoring helps develop a mirror relationship that benefits both parties,” says an entrepreneur. This is a relationship that strengthens the leadership and increase the capacity of decision-making in the lied”.
In the cities of Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakech and Rabat, about 120 entrepreneurs will benefit the program. Prior to the workshop, telephone and direct interviews will take place on the candidates and mentor entrepreneurs.
After the screening, each young developer will be assigned a mentor to assist in the development of its business. An opportunity for young entrepreneurs to benefit for a period of up to twelve months, sharing and feedback of professional experience of business leaders and experts.
Entrepreneurs under the age of 35 and women will be given special attention.
The Mowgli Foundation who will facilitate the program has trained several entrepreneurs in the Middle East and North Africa.
Their goal is to establish long term mentoring relationships between not less than 250 entrepreneurs and businessmen in the six countries where the action was taken.
Registration will be open until September 15 for the training begins in October.