Floating exhibition site emerge in Burj Lake

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For the celebration of the upcoming 21st Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF 2016), a construction and building of a floating exhibition will be started in Burj Lake near The Dubai Mall’s Dubai Fountain.

Floating exhibition site emerge in Burj Lake

Floating exhibition site emerge in Burj Lake

It was announced that the emirate will host the exhibition organized by the French luxury house Hermes called the Wanderland exhibition in line with the annual month-long shopping and entertainment show.

No further details about the event are released. The exhibition starts on January 21 to February 6 near the dancing fountains. Suspended across 1,000 square meters, Wanderland will feature different booths presenting “the universe of Hermes”. It is expected that the exhibition will showcase the distinctive high fashion clothing, accessories and perfume and contemporary arts of the brand.

This year’s Wanderland exhibition was held in London and Paris which primarily set an artistic walk through Parisian streets, with quarters offering a dreamlike window shopping experience.

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