First Underwater hotel draws interest to companies in UAE

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Several companies became interested in discussing with the Drydocks World, the First Underwater hotel draws interest to companies in UAEshipbuilding arm of Dubai World about the establishment of the ambitious Water Discus Hotel. The underwater hotel concept caught attention to companies and investors in the region even whilst it becomes clear the potential cost of building even the smallest underwater hotel design of two discs will be between US$50 to $80 million. Negotiations are ongoing but nothing has been finalized.
An official from Drydocks World clarified that the discus hotel will be built for third party investors and not for the company itself as it has a joint venture with Big Invest Consult representing the Deep Ocean Technology, a Swiss company which owns the technology and concept of the Water Discus Hotel. It will be developed in floating cities in the Middle which particular location is not specified.
The hotel will include several discs underwater at depths that ranges from 10 to 30 meters and the others above the surface to allow guests to admire the depths of the ocean. The design of the hotel will allow it to be extended and customized to go well with the surroundings and requirements of clients due to its modular and unique construction design. Each disc which will form a single component of a larger complex is an independent structure of around 1000 square meters. The rooms are integrated with underwater world offering direct yet safe contact with the flora and fauna in the surrounding including underwater vehicles. Operating the underwater vehicles will allow a closer look at even the most microscopic underwater creatures. The complexes can be situation anywhere in the world and each design will suit client requirements and local condition such as shape of the coastline and ocean depth around the reef.