First Tangier Tourism Expo 2015 to set off in October

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The upcoming Tangier Tourism Expo 2015 is said to be scheduled on October 21 with the combined efforts of different government departments, local authorities and several national and international professional institutions and associations.

First Tangier Tourism Expo 2015 to set off in October

First Tangier Tourism Expo 2015 to set off in October

Tangier was chosen to host the event for its notable seaside, culture and business, its surrounding area known to be full of beautiful natural sites and archaeological and historical relics.

Concerning the number of participants, it has been confirmed that that 67 countries, including those in the region of Africa and Europe will attend the event. There are 250 confirmed exhibitors which will bring this annual event in the big leagues through its programming and the professionalism of its participants coming from different tourist offices, travel agencies, restaurateurs, hoteliers and so on.

The initiative of the expo mainly focuses on the international exhibition of agriculture in Morocco. Covering an area of 8,000 square meters which can accommodate up to 500 exhibitors, the show’s main objective is to promote tourism throughout the national territory and in particular in the Tanger-Tetouan region, at the same time supporting Vision 2020 initiated by King Mohammed VI.

Tangier Tourism Expo 2015 program includes activities related to its main objectives and benefit of the tourism industry. Furthermore, lectures and a tour to the benefit of participants and B to B meetings are expected to be held to develop partnerships between national and international companies. It is planned on the sidelines of the two forums activities.

The first conference will carry the theme “Africa-Mediterranean tourism,” which will highlight the different representatives of the Mediterranean countries. The second forum under the theme “South-South” mainly talks about opportunities for national operators to develop partnerships with their African counterparts.

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