First part of Abu Dhabi’s Central Market plan fulfilled

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The first part of the design of the capital’s shopping establishment taking the form of a traditional Arabian souk has been completed according to the managing architect firm.

First part of Abu Dhabi's Central Market plan fulfilled

First part of Abu Dhabi’s Central Market plan fulfilled

Abu Dhabi’s Central Market plan introduces vibrant squares, pathways and patios lit with sunlight all over the 600,000m² mixed-use scheme. It is said that the building’s reflective facades also facilitates the reduction of the necessity for maintenance in the desert environment.

The design also describes that the building will be equipped with solar collectors and can be opened naturally for ventilation in some parts of the year but it can be fully air-conditioned during the hottest season.

According to the architect firm, the Abu Dhabi Central Market is one of the oldest sites in the city. Aiming to reinvent the market place and giving the city a new community hub, the building takes on the traditional architecture of the Gulf. Considering as an alternative to the traditional one-size-fits-all shopping mall it exudes a distinctive modern interpretation of the regional vernacular combining luxury products boutiques offering food markets and craft-based trades.

The shopping experience that the central market can give came from its in interior design showing bright colors, dappled sunlight, and fountains, with changing pattern of squares, courtyards and alley ways comparable to the traditional souk.

Mohamed Dekkak