Fez Morocco, to host the International Exhibition for Call Centers

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The 11th International Exhibition of contact and call centers in Morocco (SICCAM) will be held on May 16 and 17 in Fez under the themeFez Morocco, to host the International Exhibition for Call Centers “Customer relations: build new North-South partnerships.”

According to the organizers, the exhibition aims to highlight the potential of Fez and Meknes in the field of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) or off shoring, to create a true pole of the customer relationship.

The SICCAM meet each year as industry players such as call centers, IT companies, recruitment agencies and training institutions and enterprises and future service representatives.

Several conferences are scheduled during the 11th edition, which will be a step in Meknes, on topics such as “call centers in Morocco, what’s new in 2014?”, The “15 years of offshore Africa, 30 years of customer relations in Europe “,” The Marketing function in the Moroccan company “or” What telecom solutions for call centers? “.

The BPO sector is one of the six global businesses of Morocco defined under the Plan Emergence.

Since 2001, this sector has experienced remarkable growth in effect and helped to create at the end of 2011, nearly 52,000 jobs and generate $ 7.6 billion dirhams in sales.

By 2015, this sector is expected to create 100,000 direct jobs and generate revenue sectoral estimates more than 20 billion dirhams.

The region of Fez-Boulemane is a real magnet for investors in this sector through its major strengths in this field more than 20 call centers a specialized institute in the business of off shoring (2,500 trainees) and infrastructure and world class services. The call center sector is employing more than 3,000 people in the region.

Mohamed Dekkak