Fez-Boulemane region gets some new socio-economic development projects

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A number of projects for socio-economic development have been inaugurated or opened in the region of Fez-Boulemane, on the occasion of the 61st Anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the people and the Youth Day.

Fez-Boulemane region gets some new socio-economic development projects

Fez-Boulemane region gets some new socio-economic development projects

The governor of the Sefrou province, together with the delegation proceeded with the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of a commercial complex in Bab M’rabaa for a total cost of over 23 million dirham sponsored by the urban town of Sefrou. The project includes 152 shops, offices, a toilet block, a mosque and parking.

In addition, the construction of an office complex in the city also kicked off for a budget of around 1,600 million dirham funded by the general budget of the Ministry of Interior. Likewise, the governor of the province of Sefrou performed the inauguration of the headquarters of the administrative buildings of municipality which have been refurbished and maintained at an estimated overall cost of 2, 296 million dirham. Maintenance work lasted for 10 months which highlights the large works, the rigidity of facades, siding of floors and walls, the plumbing and sanitary works.

At the same time, the paving work on tile sidewalks and boulevards was officially started as part of the urban upgrading of the city of Sefrou. This work funded by the Directorate General of Local Authorities for a total of 5, 647 million dirham was concerned about the paving of streets, construction of sewers and seguias, horizontal and vertical signage, setting up of benches and street lighting.

The construction of the provincial road number 5051 and strengthening the national road number 6 were also initiated. These road projects are financed with around 23 million dirham and 16.6 million dirham respectively aiming to open up the rural population, promote economic dynamics and improve traffic conditions and road safety. Likewise, Ras El Ma was also opened funded with a total investment of 549 million dirham and was arranged and conducted by the town of Ain Chkef in partnership with the provincial delegation of youth and sport. The Governor also held the keys of a device for the collection of wastes in the town Rural Ain Kensra. This project was realized by the fund to support the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD) at an estimated cost 500,000 dirham and also the keys of one of two waste collection gears for 600,000 dirham and the other for theĀ  pumping and sewerage at 879,000 dirham for the benefit of the common Sebaa Rouadi.

On this occasion, the presentation of projects programmed in the NIHD during the period 2011-2014 especially those related to youth, women and children. Taounate Province also launched and inaugurated several socio-economic projects for a total of 173 million dirham. Within this framework, the governor of the province of Taounate, accompanied by a delegation of local officials, inaugurated an indoor gym in Tissa with an estimated total cost 10 million dirham. This project was built in partnership with the City Council of the City of Tissa, the regional council of Taza-Al Hoceima-Taouante, the Directorate General of Local Government, the Agency for the promotion and economic and social development of provinces and northern prefectures, the Provincial Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sport. Constructed on a total area of 4,242 square meters within the upgrading urban of the city, this project involves a multidisciplinary sports stadium, offices, refreshment, health services and bleachers for 500 places.

The delegation also visited the site the development and electrification boulevards in Tissa. This work was carried out in partnership with the City Council, Regional and Provincial Councils and the General Directorate of Local Authorities for an investment of around 27 million dirham. The Governor of Taounate province also announced the progress of the construction of the new headquarters in the district of Tissa with a budget of 3 million dirham, and the “Ain Kermous” mosque funded by a benefactor with a 5 million dirham.

A the town of El Karia Ba, the the governor of the province kicked off the construction of the “Al Khayr” subdivision for the resettlement of people in Douar Aarib threatened from the flooding of Oued Sebu. This project will benefit 100 families and will be implemented through an estimated value of 5 to 53 million dirham was also launched.

In the same city, the expansion work of the house of the student, carried out with a budget of 1,439 million DH in the framework to fight against poverty in rural areas of the National Initiative for Human Development. This project will be carried out over an area of 150 square meters to benefit 90 students. Including on the major projects inaugurated were the stadium near the center of El Mekansa with an area of 1,757 square meters for a total cost of 566,000 dirham, together with the launching of the extension works and building of Provincial Highway No. 5309 and 5314, and the laying of the foundation stone for the construction of a shopping center for local products to the common Bni Wlid for an investment of 3.049 million dirham.

Mohamed Dekkak