Fes: One of the Great Cities of Islam

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Fes is the most valued and cherished of all Morocco’s treasures.

Fes: One of the Great Cities of Islam

Fes: One of the Great Cities of Islam

Fes is also one of the Great Cities of Islam. It can justly assert to be the most comprehensive medieval city in reality, with its beehive of hectic and eventful avenues a working model of the means life was lived when the world was still young.

Fes may no longer be the capital, but is distinctly one of humanity’s heirlooms and it persists the very core and beat of a Morocco that was.

Fes el-Bali the very old walled city is the main enticement. A stunning success of splendid fortresses and green-roofed holy places, its jungle of restricted passageways as involved as Fes’s own filigree work demand a channel should you desire to go through the wonders that Fes has to exhibit.

Firstly, to acquire your bearings you could take a stroll up to the Merenid tombs which overlook the walled city. At its heart you will see the Karaouine Mosque, and appreciate then that in Fès, the awe-inspiring lives side by side with the ordinary. Humble workshops and tenements hem in the dignified Karaouine even as the river of crowded humanity washes through the narrow, twisting streets.

No motor traffic can exercise through its maze of 9000 passageways which crowd instead with a puzzling diversity of people, tribes, races and costumes from the olive-dealers of the Zalagh Hills, veiled women on their way to the hammam, the productive businesses, water-sellers and artisans, all dashing to the sound of “balek, balek” as mules, piled high with merchandise, push their way through the sunless tunnels to scented markets, accompanied by the clang of hammers in the Square of the Copper Workers to the reek of the Tanners Quarter and the ever present swarm of humanity.

Fes is 300 miles from Marrakech and approximately 7 hours by car or train, the last being the most accepted form of transport with the tourists between the two cities.

Mohamed Dekkak

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