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On its special publication facts FDI magazine, Financial Times published a report stating FDI Speaks Morocco Ranks 2nd As Most Attractive Country In AfricaMorocco as the 2nd most attractive African country in terms of foreign direct investment (FDI)
The study entitled “African Countries of the Future 2013/2014”, FDI magazine further expose that Morocco engrossed $2.84 billion of foreign direct investment
The study also shows results achieved by the UNCTAD specifying Morocco with statistics of 8.3% of FDI devoted to Africa in 2012 a share that allows it to Egypt and exceed $ 2.8 billion.
In 2012, Morocco achieved a 10% increase in FDI as many projects in the country have attracted foreign capital. Financial Times states that infrastructure, locomotive, quality of projects, economic potential, business-friendly environment and relationships in business are the factors establishing Morocco’s ranking. As a matter of fact, in the category “Infrastructure”, Morocco dominated Egypt.
In the category “Strategy dedicated to infrastructure,” the Kingdom leads the top 10 which outwits the “land of the pyramids.
“Regarding the “Foreign Investments”, Morocco and Mauritius jointly occupy the first place in Africa based on the information provided by African countries on their incentive policies for foreign direct investment.
Significant proposition of Morocco in the “business friendly environment” category includes a strategic geographic location at the gates Europe, ambitious sectoral strategies, and infrastructure to international standards, competitive prices and highly qualified human resources.
These benefits are part of a framework of political stability and economic growth, giving investors a favorable business environment and attractive incentive framework. Côté from the capital, France remains the primary source of foreign direct investment in Morocco and in 2011, 54% of its investment projects in the southern Mediterranean as United found the final destination. French investments are mainly concentrated in the areas of real estate (34%), industry (22%) and banking (15%).
Meanwhile, Algeria topped the top ten countries in attracting foreign direct investment in 2010, and has featured in the top 10 countries of the southern Mediterranean that drew in 2011, FDI did not escaped the global downward trend in investment flows.