FDI for SMEs in limelight at Annual Investment Meeting 2015

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Government authorities, officials and economists will assemble to tackle Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in small in medium-sized enterprises (SME) as they concentrate on means to work on investment plans to increase Dubai and the region as the ideal choice.

FDI for SMEs in limelight at Annual Investment Meeting 2015

FDI for SMEs in limelight at Annual Investment Meeting 2015

This 2015 marks the 5th Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from 30 March to 1 April will organize professionals and experts from over 140 nations.

UAE Minister of Economy, Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri, delivered the opening speech concentrating on the significance of FDI in the region.

SMEs are the foundation of any economy, provided their massive involvement to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in addition to employment generation. Thus, it is essential to have broad deliberations on SMEs being an incubator for resourcefulness , inventiveness and modernization.

The UAE’s GDP is less reliant on oil due to diversification of profit sources and higher inflow of investment, with the industrial field progressively more becoming a most important contributor because of interesting industrial investments.

SMEs are facing many impediments, mostly on the funding side, which calls for improved investment. Delegates at AIM 2015 will underscore the importance of heightening investments in such establishments, and means to address barricades to financing, advancement and investments.

The AIM programmes will contain investments generally plus FDI in SMEs and their incorporation with the complete financial scheme. It will also shed light on its financial obstacles and propose solutions as they hope that AIM will emerge with concrete results to robustly support this very important sector.

The AIM programme comprises in-depth debates on patents and orientations of investments underscoring preferences of investors and host nations. It will emphasize the views of governments, investors and owners of SMEs, with the objective of finding ultimate solutions and thoughts for boosting this vital sector.

Mohamed Dekkak