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Farming has turned out to be a work of technological exactitude. Agricultural production will have to increase by 70% to maintain nine billionFarm technology, another Development  Initiative in UAE people fed by 2050 as the global populace persists to multiply. security Farmers should prevent consumption and make sure food for the next generations because of the limited land and water resources. Progressively more, technology is playing a very important role around the world to give immediate opinion to farmers to assist them to improve competence, enhanced manage resources and increase the safety and freshness of goods at market. Nowadays, sensors have penetrated every step of the farming procedure to give the level of accuracy that guarantees the highest yields on both large-scale agricultural projects along with the small organic farms. Agricultural and farming equipment are being instrumented with gyroscopes, accelerators and GPS monitors with the objective of moving these equipment up to the next level in crop production by making the most of land and water use – what’s known as precision irrigation. This is specifically applicable in water less environments such as the UAE, which relies deeply on food imports due to the limited arable land. Greenheart Organic Farms in Sharjah relies heavily on sensors to agree on the salinity of the water and the soil as well as mineral levels to make certain that the crops it grows up are satisfactory. Japan’s Sharp is creating a farm in Dubai to grow Japanese strawberries and has already begun lab tests within the provision. It is expected to announce the factory’s first harvest soon. These include light-emitting diodes (LED) for controlled lighting, air distillation technology and other apparatus to check room temperature and humidity. However, sensors are not only applied for the soil but can also be utilized to monitor farm animals. One company in Irish has developed the MooMonitor that determines a cow’s health and fertility. Given that cows cannot produce milk sustainability without getting pregnant, farmers have to resolve the cows’ fertility window to make sure successful insemination.

Mohamed Dekkak