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Organizers of International Property show 2013 succeeded in attracting exhibitors this Exhibiting Spaces In Ips 2013, Fully Bookedyear.
For a short period of time, exhibiting spaces were fully booked by major local and international companies seeking benefits from Dubai’s excellent reputation as a platform for promoting projects and reaching business deals among the commercial community and investors.
The new edition of IPS serves as a benchmark of the support and participation of the Land Department. Sultan Butti bin Mejren, the Director General of Dubai Land Department commends IPS 2013 for this accomplishment.
Bin Mejren added that the last year’s IPS edition hits 18, 000 visitors from 70 countries so he hoped that the new edition will be another contribution to the esteemed history of IPS since it started in 2006.
Intellectual property show serves as a podium to bring together developers, financial experts, agents, consultants, architects and many professional from real estate markets in the region and abroad.
Yesterday, IPS 2013 lucratively kicks off in Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. Major companies from United Arab Emirates (UAE) United Kingdom, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and Canada join the event.
According to DAwoo AL Shezawi, CEO of Strategic Marketing and Exhibition who are the organizer of IPS, the responses and demands of developers and real estate authorities for participation is a reflection of the full recover of the international property sector.
UAE property market leads this progress and shows fast recovery compared to other markets. The launching of new mega-projects and continuation of stalled projects clearly indicate this healthy recovery.
IPS approach in reaching out investors in promoting projects helps developers to realize to seize the available opportunities.
The Emirate of Dubai provides quality and international dimension for developers who are keen participate in the show.
Falconcity of Wonders, the leading project in the region has announced its strategic partnership with IPS 2013 also participate on the event with a pavilion showcasing a model of the project in order to communicate with investors and provide information related to the implementation phases.
Major developer in the country, Diamond Developers, who develop the first of its kind in the region Dubai Sustainable City project, sponsored the event.
Leading companies from UK are participating in the event including Advantage Properties, Knight Knox, Sherwoods Property and others. Turkey has strong presence in the show as it is represented by ADAS properties, Ayon Properties, Koyom hotels, Freibd Yaieen properties, Romly properties, Yulia Properties and others. Other participants include Drama Dity of Kuwait, Magnolia and Matrix from Thailand, Mega and Mega World from the Philippines and Provents from Portugal in addition to many other international firms.

IPS 2013 will end on May 2.