Execution of Rural Electrification Program by 2017

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Generally 5350 people would benefit from the execution of Rural Electrification Execution of Rural Electrification Programagenda by 2017. It was broaden fifteen years the overall PERG and striving to achieve its target the electrification to all the residents in Douars, Morocco in 2017.
To scrutinize the part of implementation the new national energy scheme, including the progression of the improvement of the electricity sectors in 2010 definitely the introduction of competitions with the creations from the renewable energy sources for the Very High Voltage customers (EHV) and the high voltage (HV) as well as the gratis access to the transmission network and interconnections. The Department of Energy has divulged the terms and condition for access to the national network of the Medium Voltage (MV).
Furthermore, the study will be managed by the Engineering which a subordinate of those French electro-gas company. To sum up the encumbrance in getting the PERG returns to several factors consist of the increase these years, the cost of work sites and accumulated arrears of royalties’ local communities for the benefit of ONEE.
As explained by the high official, he says that some 2, 500 villages ought to have their PERG in the next two years.