Enhancement and preservation of oasis zones and argan, validated

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Now the oasis zones and those of the argan tree have its own development strategy. Indeed, the Policy Committee of the National Agency for the Development of oasis zones and Argan (ANDZOA) validated last 31 October.

Enhancement and preservation of oasis zones and argan, validated

Enhancement and preservation of oasis zones and argan, validated

Hence, managed by Aziz Akhannouch, Minister of Agriculture and Marine Fisheries, the meeting gave an update on the strategy adopted unanimously at the third board of the Agency held March 26, 2014.

The enhancement and preservation of natural resources for the benefit of citizens through the national strategy that incorporates three areas of development with the ultimate goal that the territory will be preserved, competitive and attractive.

Basically, the action is now facing some innovation in the governance of programs and projects to be implemented and to ensure human development, economic profitability and preservation of natural capital.

In addition, at this meeting, it was discussed to review the achievements made by the Agency since its creation and discuss the prospects of his speech to the implementation on the ground of the strategy adopted for the development of oasis zones and the argan tree.

Also, the first results show, for information, the achievements reached 20% of initial forecasts by all sectors working in the field, a total of 18.6 billion dirhams. In the same vein, the ANDZOA contributed to the mobilization of a global financing of 856 million dirhams distributed between capital ANDZOA to the Rural Development Fund and mountain areas as well as the contribution of other local partners. In addition, ANDZOA mobilized a total of 350 million dirhams in the form of donations from foreign donors.

Therefore, the agency has begun the implementation of the development strategy of its zone of action by establishing a methodology for working with different partners at sectoral and territorial levels. The efforts of consultation, coordination and mediation undertaken with these partners have set up a space for exchange and dialogue to consolidate the achievements in terms of investments.

Following the meeting, the Strategic Orientation Committee of ANDZOA invited the director to continue the efforts in development in this area in order to consolidate the momentum and enroll in sustainability.

In addition, recommendations were made by the members of the board, including establishing a partnership with all departments initially and at the territorial level in a second stage, which will combine efforts to good management and improved efficiency of public action in these areas.

Mohamed Dekkak