Energy plans for Nakheel’s The World project on floating homes

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Energy plans for Nakheel’s The World project on floating homes

Energy plans for Nakheel’s The World project on floating homes

The company’s founder that wished to develop floating homes in United Arab Emirates says it is in discussion with an island owner at Nakheel’s The World task to group the homes around its shores and utilize their solar power excess to create an eco-resort.

Berend Lens van Rijn stated that with 20 units around an island, it is easy to make a sustainable eco-resort. Berend’s company Belevari Marine is the prime seller of Dutch-made Waterlovt coasting homes in the UAE.

Created with an artificial 300 islands, The World Islands developed by Nakheel between 2003 to 2008 stands in a reclamation area. Before the financial crisis, it sold 70 percent but barely any have been developed. So far, Lebanon Island was developed as a resort beach and a private owner developed  another island, while Kleindienst Group is presenting its six-island Heart of Europe task, complete with 9 million dirham Floating Seahorse villas.

Fortunately, the homes produce their own energy. There are also sewage treatment plants that organically treat the waste. So it’s a zero waste, zero carbon unit.

The Waterlovt unit’s rooftop is equipped for creating up to 40 kilowatts of solar energy every hour, Mr van Rijn said. The homes cooling units just require between 3-4 kilowatts for each hour to run. Under his plan, ” Waterlovts’ power excess goes toward the island itself, where you could build a pool, a spa and a restaurant.

Mr van Rijn’s company hopes to create more water homes in the UAE.

A Waterlovt floating home or office unit begins at Dh4.4m for a 180-square meter unit, and New Living on Water’s luxurious steel made structures is priced at $5,000 per sqm, or $10m for a 200 sqm unit.

Kleindienst’s Floating Seahorses has sold more than 50 units so far at costs amongst Dh9m and Dh12m.

Mr van Rijn, then again, has officially made discussions with various expert engineers in Abu Dhabi, with a perspective to them buying units that could be utilized either as floating workplaces or restaurants.

Majority of the developer are not all that excited of full-time living on the water. They are all more towards business properties than private.”

However Mr van Rijn stays confident about the prospect for private houseboats in Abu Dhabi, and is eager to collaborate with a developer who can pick up consent from the Urban Planning Council to construct them.


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