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Energy service provider and petrol distributor, Vivo Energy acknowledges Morocco for its accomplishments.

The company, distributors of Shell branded fuels and lubricants in Morocco and in 16 marketplaces in Africa, wants to get even closer to itsEnergy and Petrol Firm shares Success in Morocco consumers, reach other potential market and also to increase its sales by launching FuelSave Unleaded petrol and FuelSave Diesel 50.
Vivo Energy has released its flagship product the Shell FuelSave Diesel 50 as a devotion to their clients who have a major role for the success of the franchise since its launch in October 2013 throughout the kingdom. Vivo Energy is back with the Shell Fuel Save Diesel 50 which promised to help motorists get fuel reserves from the first tank of gas.
According to the retail and lubricants manager, they have been undergoing rigorous research for more than 100 years looking for a breakthrough that will protect vehicles. Billions of dollars are spent on research and development.
As a marketing strategy, on March 15, Vivo Energy Morocco commenced a challenge themed “Guess where the Shell FuelSave Diesel 50 car” which persuaded customers of Shell stations to go into a hunting spree to find and guess where the car of Shell Fuel Save Diesel travels in Morocco. Vivo Energy wanted them to take part in this contest by just sending a simple SMS. The event just proved that the customers are more than willing to spend an amount equal to or greater than 150 dirhams for the purchase of Shell Fuel Save Diesel 50 in participating Shell stations, and get a card and scratch it to get and send the code that comes out in 3104 .
The message sent means the sender is automatically registered for the raffle for the large jackpot and then he will be contacted and asked by host of the challenge in the television program, and then the chosen participant needs to guess where the Shell Fuel Save and try to win other gifts such as cars.
Some of the many prizes to win is a two fuel cards 500 dirhams offered daily at the show great 4×4 Tiguan, Umrah offered every weekend on the issue of MFM and lastly is a great 4×4 Tiguan at the end of the promotion.
Mohamed Dekkak