Energy Experts and Professionals Creates Policy Framework for Solar Power

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A strong policy framework for solar power sector has been formulated by a group ofEnergy Experts and Professionals Creates Policy Framework for Solar Power energy policymakers and practitioners from Morocco, Egypt, South Africa and India, as well as officials from financial institutions and European donor agencies in Marrakesh, Morocco last October 2013.
The gathering became an opportunity for each energy experts to share experiences on how they manage their utility-scale solar programs as many developing countries with sun-baked deserts are investing in concentrated solar power, or CSP.
But, these countries are still facing challenges in financing, risk mitigation, reducing costs and building local capacity in making the CSP doable.
CSP technology will address the energy security and climate change challenges of a region, thus, a support us needed for it to become competitive, one of the delegates has been raised.
All participants agreed that tendering and reverse auctions are becoming the preferred option to procure CSP plants, as well as determine the appropriate level of price incentives. But these incentives, they said, cannot operate in a vacuum; the regulatory framework should remove barriers and provide an enabling environment to ensure that the incentives work.
Such framework tackled includes balancing domestic manufacturing with solar deployment, large-scale integration of solar power into grids, pre-requisites for development of large scale solar projects, financing and risk management instruments.
Given the positive reception that greeted the workshop, the World Bank and Sustainable Energy for All Initiative plan to host future workshops focused on specialized operational, technical and financial aspects of large-scale solar projects, including technology risks and feasibility of innovative financial instruments.