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Energy And Power Services

ADGECO Group with its international partners is one of the most reliable companies setting a benchmark in infrastructure, energy and power services including renewable, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of power substation in UAE. Our firm is dedicated in assisting clients globally to meet the challenges of delivering electricity securely and competently, while reducing the impact of power plants on the environment. We commit ourselves to be the consistent leader in various industries that all relate to the design, control, supply, and maintenance of emergency backup systems, backup power supplies, HVAC, and site services. We strive to have a long-standing commitment to the industry and are able to adapt to meet the challenges of the ever-changing commercial and technical environment in which we operate.Consisting of a professional team of Power Engineers aimed in providing solutions, expertise and technical support to the companies in the Middle East, we practice excellence at all times.

Our intangible, forthright thoughts combined with our innovative and clear approach, put us in a leading position in the power service industry. We are giving our best to set the pace and standards for this sector. To support the needs and requirements of our clients, we conduct extensive research and various methods to fully understand the integrated needs of modern power institutions. The diversity and potency of ADGECO Group and our existing joint ventures enables us to offer original, cost-effective advice and solutions across a wide-ranging group of services within the power sector. We prioritize in delivering exceptional services, products and technologies for industries that generates and distribute energy, energy technology makers, energy users, energy-related organizations and agencies. From conventional technologies to innovative techniques, conservation of resources and reduction of environmental impact, combined-cycle generation and production of power from renewable sources are the wide expertise of ADGECO Group. Our group’s key solution for mutually beneficial transactions includes fair prices, excellent response times, less down time, resolutions and a driven team that will satisfy our client’s needs. No limitation as to the scope, size, and location of any project.

With ADGECO Group all kind of services related to Power and Energy Services is under one roof provides. From sales, service, and all solutions on wide array of equipment. Through the years, ADGECO Group has made noteworthy handouts to the so called state of the art projects. At present, ADGECO Group maintains its vanguard position in the power industry by way of the skills, experience and expertise on power and energy with and a solid dedication t to technical innovation. We manage to grow continuously through involvement in transmission and distribution systems, power generation projects, and a leading edge role in the development and implementation of renewable energy whether on small or large-scale venture. In this advance and modern times, we still provide the best of both worlds – the experience and dedication of a focused power team, with the wide-ranging skills, support and experience of multi-disciplinary experts in Power and Energy.

Electric Power Generation

  • Diesel Generating Sets
  • Synchronizing panels and all associated power and control equipment
  • Electric Power Transmission
  • High Voltage (HV) transmission overhead lines
  • Transmission substations
  • High Voltage (HV) cable joints and termi nations
  • Electric Power Distribution
  • MV overhead Load & underground networks
  • Outdoor & indoor MV switch gears
  • Ring main units & package S/S ‘S
  • LV networks & distribution pillar boards
  • Lighting system “street & area fields”
  • Power factor correction equipment
  • Industrial Plants
  • Power conditioning equipment & DC supply equipment
  • Pumps, pipe works & instrumentation
  • Power factor correction equipment
  • Cables, joint & termination
  • Electronics & Communication
  • Navigation equipment
  • Microprocessor control & monitoring equipment
  • Microwave stations & towers
  • Communication network underground & overhead load
  • Telephone main distribution frames, boxes and consumers connection
  • Energy Networks and Infrastructures

Energy Transportation

  • 132 to 800 kV interconnection lines and maintenance works

Energy Transformation

  • Substation of up to 500 kV and maintenance works

Energy Distribution

  • Medium Tension overhead lines
  • Medium Tension underground lines
  • Transformation Centres
  • Low Tension networks of every kind
  • Work at tension
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Network Operation Task


  • Basic Telephone Network
  • Base stations and nodes for mobile telephony, GSM and UMTS
  • Urban, inter – urban and intra building fibre optic networks
  • VSAT and TV satellite communications system
  • Mobile TV and satellite units
  • Radio and TV production and broadcast centres

Complete roll – out of cable TV networks

Installations Facilities

  • Electricity
  • Climate control
  • Fire Protection
  • Ventilation
  • Managements System
  • Security
  • Public Address
  • Telecoms
  • Plumbing and sewerage
  • Renewable Energies

Wind Energy

  • Develops
  • constructs
  • operates


  • Design and construction of major photovoltaic installation
  • Manufacture of all components and equipment required to set up any solar electrical system
  • EPC
  • Design, supply, construction, star – up, operation and maintenance of thermoelectric solar power plants
  • Development of roof top photovoltaic projects

Hydroelectric Plants

  • Creates a system that combines wind energy and hydropower to supply the electricity needs
  • Operating as a pump, accumulates surplus power
  • Operating as a generator, it acts as an electric power producer and regulator of an electric system