Employment And Salary In The UAE Is Mounting

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The official monthly English magazine of the Ministry of Interior reported that United ArabEmployment And Salary In The UAE Is Mounting Emirates job market is presenting good signs of growth along with salaries for some sectors.

999 Magazine showed on their report that employment opportunities gained double-digit increase and is projected to climb at 2-3% in the next years.

It clearly proves that UAE economy is growing, indeed a true reflection of growth, says Lt-Colonel Awadh Saleh Al Kindi, the editor-in-chief of 999 Magazine. “We’re pleased to see that in general, most sectors have been hiring, with some specific sectors leading the way. With economic growth expected to continue, boosted by the UAE’s security and stability, we also expect the job market to continue to grow.”

Base on the report, industries of aerospace, alternative energy, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals tops up employment classifieds seeking for global accountancy qualifications, language skills, particularly Arabic, enterprise resource planning and commercial and business skilled workers.

Other sectors with current high demand of job opportunities are e-commerce, healthcare, information technology, legal and human resources.

The report also added that there’s a recurrence of buoyancy in the UAE business environment sorting through the hiring market.

Another report in this year made by Mercer, an international human resource consultancy firm base in New York accounts that 70% of UAE companies were looking forward to escalate job package offers to expatriates.