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Hassle no more, because in due time the most innovative identification card and ATM cardYour Emirates ID and ATM in One will soon be distributed by Al Hilal Bank and EIDA.

Last January 2013, Al Hilal Bank and EIDA signed an agreement regarding their partnership on producing the Emirates ID which can also be use as an ATM card to withdraw cash from the bank. It is actually the first time that EIDA trusted and tie up with a bank. This is part of the cutting edge strategy of Al Hilal Bank to deliver originative kind of service to their valued customers.

The project allows to the Al Hilal to implement the effectiveness of EIDA IDs to all the services that they provide. Some information like name, passport number, or even nationality will be in-fixed in the card though an e-Reader which can accessed in all branches in UAE. They also want to advance and their service like verifying the client’s identification and at the same time they will be able to protect their other interests.

According to the CEO of Al Halil Bank, they are the first bank to get trusted by the EIDA to handle the said project after they have successfully implemented their information stored card last year, 2013. Being innovative and leading in the industry, without having second thought EIDA trusted Al Hilal to claim the deal.

Al Hilal bank has been recognized also for its distinguished services like the “Qibla Locator” Credit Card, the “e-Grab” which is the world’s first ever 100 per cent electric mobile bank; and the UAE’s first thumb mark verification system for the banking transactions, and using digital pens in the bank of some Middle East.