Emaar’s Dubai Hills Vend Villas in Just 1 Hour

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All villas sold out, at the private launch last December 8 at The Armani Hotel, there are 70 Emaar’s Dubai Hills Vend Villas in Just 1 Hourspecial selected buyers for the villas with the price of $ 7m upwards, all villas are sold with just one hour and there were several buyers who invested for villas $10 million worth.
Over 10, 000 registered buyers announced last June, but then there are only 70 selected investors were selected.
Only six hundred plots are being put up in the market in Dubai Hills, with small groups of investors being asked to buy villas on different dates. It is understood that another small group of investors will be selected to purchase plots in early January.
“They went like hotcakes. Just about everyone invited left within an hour, owning a new villa in Dubai Hills,” an official said.
The project was illustrated as “by invitation only,” to all applicants who are requested to fill in a comprehensive questionnaire and inclusion of a person who holds any “executive director” ranks.