El Jadida: Morocco’s port city

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El Jadida is considered as a calm city with captivating charm. It is diverse and mixed, proudly showcases its many faces to its visitors. In 2004, Mazagan was honored to be a world heritage site and in Januray 2011, a magazine had chosen El Jadida as the 27th best tourist destination in the world.

El Jadida: Morocco’s port city

El Jadida: Morocco’s port city

Most recently, the former Mazagan has become an attraction for the locals and foreign visitors who are thirsty for of the rich opportunities which can be found in an significant historical heritage site with beautiful nature spots and temperate climate all year round.

El Jadida is a cultural city religiously kept over time and by the will of men. It has a lot of historical shrines that prove its rich and glorious past.

In 1502, the Portuguese fortuitously discovered the area and were initially captivated and amazed by its beautiful bay, its perfect geographical location and its agricultural and maritime resources. Consequently, they have built a fortified city ruled by an imposing castle between 1513 and 1514.

The city flourished into a princal trading post along the atlantic coast until it was taken over by Sultan Alaouite Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah in 1769.

El Jadida is currently known for its exports like beans, almonds, maize, chickpeas, wool, hides, wax and eggs. It imports cotton, sugar, tea and rice. The city is expanding as of 2014, partly as a result of increased activity at the nearby Jorf Lasfar port and industrial area.

There are several notable landmarks in El Jadida/Mazagan. It has The Canons and the Fortress, the Municipal Theater of El Jadida, the Old Port, and the Portuguese Cistern which is a masterwork of the Manuelin architectural style and is considered as one of Morocco’s jewels.

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