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In 1962, His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan considered education among the priorities of progress so he started the development of education in the UAE. Upon the exploration of oil and the beginning of development, the UAE paid attention to education.

Back then, there were only less than 20 schools attended mostly attended by less than 4000 male students. The essential infrastructure was often unavailable due to the lack of necessary manpower in many social services venues including airports, hospitals, and households.

Believing that the Youth are the real wealth of the nation, and through his generosity, projects related to education were made.

Government educational institutions were established to oversee education, whereas regular education was organized to be in four stages:

  • 4-5 years for Kindergarten
  • 6-11 years for Elementary
  • 12-14 years for Intermediate
  • 15-17 years for Secondary governmental

At present, the UAE provides a comprehensive education system for boys and girls, with subsidized education for nationals in government alschools, colleges and universities. The private education sector is constantly being improved and it accommodates nearly 40% of the student population.

While Arabic language is the medium of instruction in UAE, some of these schools offer foreign language education for various emigrant communities using the curriculum of the concerned countries.  Children have the privilege to attend English, French, German and Urdu schools.