Economic Forum will be held in Casablanca

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Casablanca will host economic forum Morocco and Italy on October 21. A delegation of some 60 Italian companies and chaired by the Italian Minister for Economic Development, Carlo Calenda, will travel to Morocco to study the various investment and business opportunities in the country.

Economic Forum will be held in Casablanca

Economic Forum will be held in Casablanca

The forum will see the organization of several BtoB meetings. Thus, operators in the sectors of agro-industry, building and health are invited to come and meet the Italian companies. These are specialized particularly in machinery and equipment for the food industry, packaging and packing and farm equipment. In the building, the Italian industry experts will present machinery for the production of chipboard, paving and curbs, marble, natural stone, ceramic, etc.

Note that the event is organized, among others, the Italian Agency for Foreign Trade and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Economic Development, the General Confederation of Industry, the CGEM and the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Casablanca.

Italy is the third largest supplier of Morocco after France and Spain in 2013, according to data from the Exchange Office. The balance of trade balance between the two partners in spring 2013 to € 873.8 million, up 12% from 2012, according to the Italian Institute of Statistics (IIS) to exchange 2.18 billion euros, 1.53 billion on exports to Morocco. Italy imported only 65 million euros.

Still according to the IIS, although trade between the two countries have been positive developments in 2013, they are still struggling to reach their pre-crisis level, or 2.29 billion euros in 2008, Italian exports to the Morocco, which show an increase of 12% in 2013, consist of several categories of products, including machinery and various equipment (€ 307.3 million), products of petroleum refining (€ 197.8 million ), motors, generators and power transformers (€ 80.7 million), chemicals (79.3 million euros), fabrics (€ 77.3 million), vehicles (54 9 million) and plastic products (52 million euros).

Italy, meanwhile, imported from Morocco in 2013 of fish, crustaceans and molluscs (EUR 141.3 million), clothing (€ 85.7 million), vehicles (74.5 million euros) and wiring devices (72.7 million). . Note that in the agricultural sector, Italy wins 35% of exports of tractors used in Morocco.

Mohamed Dekkak