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Adgeco Group partners with top level individuals who are master in Economic Financial Industry Analysis. Our team collects and

Economic Financial Industry Analysis | Mohamed Dekkak | Adgeco Group

Economic Financial Industry Analysis

analyzes data from around the globe, monitor developments in over 152 countries, developed detailed analysis of economic, financial and industry activity.
The team provide fully integrated world energy model to facilitate meaningful and return forecasts and risk assessments to the world economic models. While the model would be designed to take advantage of the breadth and depth of knowledge in the World Economic Model, it would also be designed to use alternative economic outlooks.
The team also provides forecasting and simulation models of the world’s energy market based upon its renowned country macroeconomics forecasts, More than thirty years of modeling expertise and experience gained from building two international petroleum models for major oil companies.
ADGECO and partners provide the tools and expertise to evaluate the economic and financial feasibility of infrastructure projects around the world, including ports, highways, airports, railways and tourism.

Among the activities that our team caters to are:

  • Economic and Market forecasting services
  • Assessment of business related economic opportunities and financial risks
  • Analysis and projection: Developed Markets, Emerging Markets, Regional Markets, Financial Markets (Securities, Interest rates, Currencies), Major Industry Sectors (Energy, Automotive, Agriculture, Telecom)
  • Provide outlook information and risk analysis

Our team of professional analysts, researchers and economist provide consulting services on strengthening competitive position, investment strategy or policy positions through the following:

  • Investigating marketplace and global economic dynamics
  • Identifying the external market forces that will shape potential growth
  • Providing clear, concise recommendations to help maximize opportunity and mitigate risk
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Management
  • Engineering & Design
  • Procurement Services
  • Construction Supervision

The large information on business, financial and economy gathered by our team are useful in analyzing problems and provide solutions.

Data & Software Solutions
Our partners provide data on Macro and Regional Economics, Industries, Financial Market and Securities as well as International trade that could be conveniently access through an outstanding navigation with analytical tools and presentation capabilities.

Data Insight
The team incorporated the newest and most advanced data search and retrieval tool that can perform sophisticated searches across multiple geographies and data concepts. It also allows users to create graphics that are easily customized, exported and updated. The users can personalize data by choosing own search, formatting, downloading, display and graphics defaults. It also permits downloading data into Excel spreadsheets that can be updated with the click of a button.

Pricing and Purchasing Service
Through the data that our team gathered, they are able to identify the most appropriate set of materials and labor costs, quantify the key escalation drivers and risks for a particular price or labor rate and minimize contract exposure.

Market Monitor
Our data is also useful in identifying hot market opportunities in the next two to five years. It provides economic outlook for the geographic regions in which you operate, give insights on future performance of the business and the markets in which you operate and assess the risk of an economic down turn in the US, Europe, and in other parts of the world and how these changes could impact your business.