Dubai’s Makani project to be implemented in October

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About 40,000 building entrance in 63 locations all around Dubai are expected to be installed with Makami boards on the beginning of its first installment of the smart geographical addressing system one month from now.

Dubai’s Makani project to be implemented in October

Dubai’s Makani project to be implemented in October

Makani which means ‘My location’ are boards which designate 10-digit coordinates to the entrance of every Dubai buildings accessible through a free mobile phone application for digital mapping.

According to the municipality, the contractual dealings have been undertaken with the chosen company who will take over for the manufacturing of Makani signboards. Moreover, government sectors and Metro stations will witness the installment of Makani boards.

Furthermore, the boards are also to be fixed at the foyers of schools, mosques and hotels, making locations easier to find by the public. The technology used in the boards can help users to locate a specific place correctly.

Once completed, the city will be the first to use the smart geographical addressing system in the world. In addition, other emirates are also keeping up with the pace in order to make the service available nationwide.

Makani signages can be easily classified as they have a specific logo and a QR code is provided so the users of the application can get the location on their smart phones. The information from mobile application can be converted into other coordinate systems in order to adapt to different GPS navigation devices.  It also uses systematic voice-assisted map reading from the current to the destination.

Every building entrance will be connected to the building’s borders which is highlighted on the interactive map displayed by the application. The user friendly application allows the users to distribute the coordinates of a location with others.

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