Dubai’s foreign trade stable at Dh1.331 trillion in 2014

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Dubai’s non-oil foreign trade achieved a stable progress in 2014, increasing to Dh1.331 trillion from Dh1.329 trillion in 2013. Out of the total trade, imports had the biggest share with a value of Dh845 billion as exports and re-exports to the emirate arrived Dh114 billion and Dh372 billion correspondingly.

Dubai's foreign trade stable at Dh1.331 trillion in 2014

Dubai’s foreign trade stable at Dh1.331 trillion in 2014

Statistics released by Dubai Customs show that direct trade contributed Dh818.8 billion of Dubai’s total foreign trade value, whereas free zones trade corresponded to Dh 488.7 billion and the customs warehouses Dh23.8 billion.

The increasing Dubai’s non-oil foreign trade amplified the good economic accomplishment of Dubai particularly and the UAE overall in 2014. The remarkable commercial progress corresponds with the beginning of the national economy into promising potentials, fully operational with the wise leadership’s commencement of modernization and inventiveness as a driving means towards higher advancement and a more diversified economic configuration.

Dubai has further expanded its foreign trade. The full alteration into the world’s smartest city and completion of the Smart Government generated a substantial upsurge in the trade of IT smart applications and devices.

Of the merchandise traded, phones topped the list with an increase of 9%, escalating to Dh178 billion. Similarly computers listed a parallel 9% increase at Dh53 billion. Dubai’s trade of personal-use and transportation vehicles also climbed 30% to stand at Dh68 billion.

The booming tourism division resulted in an 8% progress in jewellery trading, toaling to Dh55 billion. Dubai’s petroleum oils trade, then again, ascended 10% to gain Dh39 billion. As for the aviation activity, trade in rotorcraft and light aircrafts raised to 16% in progress with a trade value of Dh 22 billion, while air jets turbine engines trade boosted 7% totaling Dh20 billion. Satellite receivers trade was assessed at Dh17 billion with an equal increase of 8%.

Moreover, Dubai has further enlarged its foreign trade markets in 2014, marking a distinguished progress in its trading with China which topped Dubai’s foreign trade partners with a trade value of Dh175 billion, climb 29% from 2013.  This improvement serves as proof to Dubai’s essential role in the Dragon’s trading with the world. It also reveals the emirate’s competence to productively link European, African and worldwide markets with the Chinese and East Asian markets.

Mohamed Dekkak