Dubai’s First Solar-Powered Park to Open By End of 2014

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Twenty percent has been done and in closely 9 months, the full transformation of one of the oldest park in Dubai as the first solar-powered parkSatwa Reservoir Park in the Emirate will be open to the public.
The Satwa Reservoir of which re-construction was started last quarter of 2013 is ready for public use by the end of 2014. It covers an area of 1.5 hectares with 40-meter high water reservoir tank.
The old park was built in 1980 in Satwa area and one of the landmarks of Dubai because of its water reservoir tower. Its reconstruction is a project of the Dubai Municipality and converts it as the 1st park in Dubai powered by solar energy.
The park will be fully operated by solar energy and will not use the regular public electricity power its lights and integrated irrigation network.
Dubai’s Director of Public Parks and Horticulture Department says that the city’s parks are the busiest and most important area in the U.A.E. when it comes to the number of guests as well as events carried out by several community organizations on special occasions, like celebrations and holidays.

In addition to in addition numerous under construction parks, there are 103 public places, which covers 2 public beaches, 6 major parks, 4 pond parks, 33 residential parks, and 58 public squares are available and being enjoyed by tourists and residents in Dubai.

Mohamed Dekkak