Dubai’s First Sandstorm Forecaster Launched

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Developed by Dubai Municipality and Unique System FZE, Dubai’s first sandstormDubai’s First Sandstorm Forecaster Launched forecaster is officially launched.
The new device is founded on the same 3D weather prediction model which is being used in the emirate at present. But, it will integrate information from sand source areas and use wind predictions to gauge where the sand will settle.
Dubai Municipality’s Geodesy and Hydrographic Survey Section Head stated that it will be corroborated against geostationary and polar orbiting satellites, lidar and aerodrome reports. Furthermore, the dust storm system will show real-time satellite photos since they can present an impending dust storm quite precisely.
Dubai Municipality Geodesy and Hydrographic Survey Section stated that the region is entering dust storm season, when strong winds are more likely to occur, although recent rainfall has helped to alleviate potential sandstorms. Just on time that this device will allow authorities to issue warnings and include sandstorms in weather updates so the public can prepare.
“This innovative project would help create a safer and more secure environment”, said Unique System FZE, part of the Maritime Group a leading global integrated turnkey subsea and offshore solution provider.