Dubai’s Expo site, ready in 2019

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Dubai’s Expo 2020 site construction will be finished a year before the prestigious event.

The site groundwork activity will begin on the Dubai Trade Centre-Jebel Ali site early next year according to the director general of Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, CEO of Dubai World Trade Center and Expo Preparatory Committee member.

A progress report on Dubai Expo 2020 confirmed that there is also a plan to extend the Red Line of Dubai Metro and  Dubai's Expo 2020 site construction will be finished a year before the prestigious event. to start a zero-emission bus services.

The first main requirement will be the compliance of the mandatory Registration Dossier by 2015 to the Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), the major body of the World Expo, in France.

The site measures 438-hectare, showcasing an Expo area of 150-hectare, surrounded by a residential, logistics , and hospitality zone, will be the host to the 25 million guests and spectators.

A strategy has been outlined with a target date for a full year of readiness testing across networks, systems and technologies for all major construction activities to be accomplished by October 2019.

The Expo Village will provide the staff’s housing facilities to the participating countries working on the Expo is said to be finished by 2018 following the construction of the pavilion.

At the center of the gated Expo area we can find three distinct zones, each one is devoted to opportunity, mobility, and sustainability which will meet at the figurative and literal heart of Dubai Expo 2020.

An expansion to the existing Dubai Metro (Red Line) and a dedicated station will be created on the site to call for maximum control of public transport systems.

Furthermore, an eco-friendly bus service will send the visitors to and from the Expo. Another disclosure about the Expo’s key ambition is to provide a six month of at least 50% energy coming from renewable resources such as solar energy. It is said that over 275,000 jobs are expected to be created in the next six years across the region.
Mohamed Dekkak