Dubai’s Creek Attempts the World Heritage Site Title

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As a means to promote the Emirati heritage and boost the country’s tourism, a number of UAE heritage sites aspire to be included amongst the Unesco World Heritage Site list which grants exceptional recognition to places with immense cultural and historical importance, one of which is Dubai Creek.

Dubai’s Creek Attempts the World Heritage Site Title

Dubai’s Creek Attempts the World Heritage Site Title

Come October this year, officials of Unesco will visit Dubai to review the city’s bid to list the Creek, also known as Khor Dubai The Traders’ Harbour, as a World Heritage Site.

Situated in one of Dubai’s oldest areas, Dubai Creek, a natural seawater inlet, is a vibrant part of the emirates strategic location. It has been a significant port for visitors and traders coming from the other side of the Gulf. Although its strategic role has diminished over time, the port is still being used by small traders to fish and pearl dive. It’s also still being used as a dock to unload goods, thus, giving tourists the idea of Dubai’s centuries old trading traditions.

In order to qualify for the title, the Creek needs to undergo a nomination process. According to UNESCO, sites nominated must be of “outstanding universal value”, having a unique testimony to a cultural tradition or civilization and holds an incomparable example of a type of architectural marvel. Unfortunately, last year, Dubai Creek failed to get the title because the site lacked information on its architecture and market. Today, stronger initiatives are being carried outto ensure its successful nomination.

According to reports, five more heritage sites in the UAE, including Ed-Dur, Cultural Landscape of the Central Region in Sharjah, Settlement and Cemetery of Umm an-Nar Island, Sir Bu Nair Island, Al Badiya Mosque in Fujairah are aspiring to be given the title.

Architectural Heritage and Antiquities Department CEO, Rashad Bukhash is confident Dubai Creek will receive the coveted title.

A decision will be announced on June 2017.


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