Dubai wins Dh29 billion FDI in 2014

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Dubai fascinated practically Dh29 billion, foreign direct investment (FDI) in 2014 principally in infrastructure development programs and the services industries.

Dubai wins Dh29 billion FDI in 2014

Dubai wins Dh29 billion FDI in 2014

Approximations by the Dubai Investment Development Agency (Dubai FDI), an agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED), explained that the USA, the UK, India and other European countries like France and Germany were main source markets.

With apparent signs of recuperation and iconic projects on board, the realty division, financial services, hotels and tourism, alternative/renewable energy, business services, software and IT services were the top divisions accounting for 78% of investment, or Dh22 billion, in 2014. These fields also claimed 133 projects, half of the total FDI projects in 2014.

The recent FDI figures once again confirm that Dubai remains the favored and best destination for investors and businessmen, who have assurance in the national economy, which is seeing stable progress in several sectors. Dubai hosting Expo 2020 has inspired a major influx of investors and development prospects. All types of investments and global firms that are looking for constancy and business advancement in an integrated investment environment are welcome.

Projects aspired at the regional market captured 84% of the investments in 2014 while the domestic (15%), sub-regional (1.6%) and global (1.1%) markets followed in that order.

With progressively businesses setting up their global and regional centres in Dubai, establishing headquarters was one of the top five business activities. Sales, marketing and support, business services, logistics, distribution and transportation and manufacturing were the others leading in a total of 10 activities in terms of the number of projects attracted.

Out of a total of 41 source countries, the top ones are US, UK, India, Netherlands, Germany and Italy which created a total of Dh23.9 billion all over the year across 141 projects. In terms of investment, these nations represented approximately 84% of the total FDI for the entire year and 59% of the total in terms of the number of projects.

Mohamed Dekkak