Dubai will be billed as crane capital

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Dubai was once home to almost 25% of the world’s cranes during the height of the property boom and now is set for a revival era for the

Dubai will be billed as crane capital

Dubai will be billed as crane capital

construction industry. Dubai is set to change with the construction industry expected to gather additional force in 2014.

Construction cranes have scattered the Dubai skyline and are distinguished to assert economic development. With a leading upsurge of thrust in real estate activity, cranes have made their existence felt in the construction industry.

The managing director of Chesterton Mena said that the necessity for equipments and machinery in the construction business is anticipated to increase more in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, due to the real estate sudden increase. Even if the consolidation of activities connected to the construction industry in the UAE is in Dubai and Abu Dhabi while the other emirates are not far behind.

Dubai has seen an increase in the real estate investment which is because of its biggest presence being in the centre of construction activities. Demand for equipment like cranes and other related apparatus is on a sheer increase as a result of the construction activities in the region peaking once again post the Expo 2020 win.

Dubai will once again be billed as the crane capital of the world with numerous mega projects in the pipeline. Looking forward that 2014 to be one more positive year for real estate division in the UAE, specifically in Dubai.

Residential property market will also develop at a faster step over the next five years as more people prefer to make Dubai their home because of its high quality infrastructure and location. Dubai is known to be one of the best cities in the world, to settle and put up a business.

Mohamed Dekkak