Dubai Wants Title Back as World’s Biggest Ever Fireworks Display 2014

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With a goal to beat the current record and steal the title back, Dubai’s Palm Atlantis HotelDubai fireworks display is working for 11 months for the preparation of New Year’s Eve Celebration and its big bang fireworks display amounting millions and millions of dollars.

Some happenings were revealed what to expect on the New Year’s Eve. Palm Atlantis Hotel will be holding a gala dinner for 3,600 guests serenading another 15,000 revelers with Sandance Music Festival. And the much-awaited highlight of the evening – the 6-minute, Guinness World Records largest and longest fireworks displays that Dubai targets to the throne again.

The hotel’s president said that the upcoming spectacular fireworks displays will be double in size and long that will surely beat the present record as it includes more than 450,000 individual fireworks shipped in from the US.

Some videos and images of the preparation were flowing to different social media accounts by the American company organizing the fireworks displays in Dubai such as a number of forklift trucks carrying boxes; groups of Maersk lorries coming at different areas on The Palm Jumeirah with police escorts; and men sporting visible jackets with “Dubai World Record 2014” seen in big black prints building the infrastructure.

The organizer said that the fireworks are made with custom-design products including 600-millimetre shells made in New York, the largest-of-its-kind in the Middle East.

About 7 – 10 helicopters equipped with film equipment will record the show in all its glory.